Racial Justice Curriculum for Young Friends


Dear Friends –

Welcome! This web page will be home to a racial justice curriculum I wrote for Young Friends (high school aged Quakers). The page is still under construction. To the left is the introduction to the curriculum and an overview of each of the 10 sessions. The web site should be complete by the end of February 2012. When this web site is complete, it will have the whole curriculum and a place for folks to blog about their experiences using the curriculum and other racial justice materials with Young Friends groups. My goal is to create an on-line space for adults to share ideas, resources, and get support from others in the racial justice education work we are doing in our Meetings and communities. This is a place for positive, supportive, creative dialog and brainstorming. To the right are some links to other places where Friends are having conversations about race, racism, white privilege, and racial justice.

Thank you,

Lisa Graustein
February 2012

The material on this website is for anyone to use freely in good faith for the purpose of advancing racial justice.
When using this material, please attribute to Lisa Graustein, or the sources referenced. Last updated February 2012.